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2014-2015 Deer Processing Prices


Presently, we are accepting your animals for processing, however, due to pork market fluctuations
we are uncertain as to the exact price per pound of our sausage. We hope to have firm prices on October the 1st.

All Italian is done in chubs, not links.
Process White Tail Includes Steaks Roasts and Hamburger Grind 65.00 ea.
Process Quarters   12.00 ea.
Skin Deer   20.00 ea.
Cape Deer   25.00 ea.
Process Mule Deer & Exotics   75.00 & up
Smoked link sausage  (Mild, Regular, Hot) 10 lb minimum 3.50 lb.
Pan sausage  (Mild, Regular, Hot) 10 lb minimum 3.50 lb.
Italian Sausage Chubs Only 3.50 lb.
Cajun Link Smoked Sausage 10 lb minimum 3.50 lb.
Jalapeno & Jalapeno Cheese Smoked Sausage 10 lb minimum 4.00 lb.
Pepper Jack Cheese Smoked Sausage 10 lb minimum 4.00 lb.
Breakfast Sizzlers 10 lb minimum 4.10 lb.
Jerky (green weight)   6.00 lb.
Slim Jims (green weight) 8 lb minimum 6.00 lb.
Jalapeno Cheese Slim Jims 8 lb minimum 6.50 lb.
Pepper Jack Cheese Slim Jims 8 lb minimum 6.50 lb.
Summer Sausage (reg) 12 lb minimum 4.20 lb.
Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage 12 lb minimum 4.50 lb.
Pepper Jack Cheese Summer Sausage 12 lb minimum 4.50 lb.
Italian Sausage 10 lb minimum 3.50 lb.
Tenderize Round Steaks   3.00 per HQ
Slice HQ For Jerky   7.00 per HQ
Tamales 50% deer 50% pork   9.00 dz.
Grind Boneless   1.00 lb.
Bacon Burger   2.00 lb.
(add jalapeno)   .50 lb.
We regret the price changes due to beef and pork prices and hope these
prices will go down soon before the regular season opening.
The condition of your meat when delivered to us determines the total yield after being processed.  We take every precaution to ensure that each order is kept separate.  The meat that you pick up will beyour meat.  Please make your processing charge worth the expense...Get the most for your money...Take care of your meat.

Please keep in mind that the average deer backstraps weigh approximately 5 pounds altogether after being boned and trimmed.

When field dressing your deer, always remember to split the pelvic bone and remove the bladder.  Please do not cut off the shanks as we use those to assist us in hanging your deer in cold storage for proper aging.  It is always a good idea to put a bag of ice in the cavity of the deer while transporting your deer from camp to us.  Any bloodshot meat is disposed of because we feel that it isn't edible.

Due to limited freezer space, we ask that all orders be picked up within seven (7) days after you receive notification that your order is ready.

A 24 hour night drop cooler is available for customers who arrive after business hours.  Please tag your meat with your name and phone number and place it in the containers provided.  If the deer is whole, clips are provided to tag your information through the ear.  We will contact you the following morning for processing instructions.

A deposit will be required on all orders.  We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Your patronage is appreciated.

Prices are subject to change without notice
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