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2014-2015 Hog Processing Prices

Presently, we are accepting your animals for processing, however, due to pork market fluctuations
we are uncertain as to the exact price per pound of our sausage. We hope to have firm prices on October the 1st.

For about 8 years, we were unable to process your Wild Hogs, however, the USDA has yielded to public pressure and is again allowing wild game processors to provide you with this service.

We suggest, if you decide to take a hog, that you kill a small boar or sow.  The large boars will leave a smell in your kitchen while cooking that even an understanding wife will not tolerate.  It does not make any difference if it is sausage, fried, roasted or whatever.

Some hunters want the hog mixed with the deer for sausage. We DO NOT do this!!!  We guarantee the quality of your venison sausage when mixed with domestic pork, however we DO NOT guarantee any product when made with Wild Hog.

As stated above, we offer no guarantees as to the quality or taste of your Wild Hog.  Wild Hog populations need to be controlled the same as deer and we are pleased to be able to process them for you again.

Just remember, big boars with long tusks might look good on the wall, but they sure aren't much on the table!

Process Wild Hog TBD on Drop Off 
Skinning Charge 20.00 & up
Pan sausage  (Mild, Regular, Hot) 2.00 lb
Italian Link Sausage 2.00 lb
Smoked Link Sausage (Mild, Regular, Hot) 2.00 lb
Cajun Link 2.00 lb
Jalapeno Cheese Smoked Link Sausage 2.50 lb
Jalapeno Link 2.50 lb
Pepper Jack Link 2.50 lb
Sweet Sausage 2.50 lb
Cajun w/Rice 3.50 lb
Hatch Chili Pepper 3.70 lb

We regret the price changes due to beef and pork prices and hope these
prices will go down soon before the regular season opening.
We can do .... any cut of meat - Pork Chops, Ribs, Roast, etc. and make Pan Sausage, Smoked Links when ever possible
  * Because there are so many variables as to size, each animal is priced for processing at time of drop off.
 Prices are subject to change without notice

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